Car Maintenance Tracking App
The mistreatment of cars and a lack of attention to maintenance can lead to serious air pollution, accidents, traffic jams, as well as impact mental health.
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Oct - Nov 2023
UI Design updated on Feb.2024
The Solution
A swift evaluation connects users with the ability to efficiently manage their car maintenance regularly, organizing its history by uploading relevant documents. This proactive approach helps them avoid significant car issues and save money in the long run.
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Usability testing
Task 01
Setting a reminder for the next car maintenance appointment.
Direct success
Task 02
Uploading a document to a maintenance history folder and exporting the entire record.
Direct success
Task 03
Discovering the basic car maintenance costs and removing a service from the list.
Direct success
Where can we find the needs and target users?
Why does the product need to be produced?
In 2023, there are projected to be 243.4 million licensed drivers in the US, which includes 89% of US adults. Additionally, as of late 2020, only about 27% of new vehicles were being leased instead of purchased.*
*Hedges Company Article
*Google search
People recognize the significance of preventive maintenance for their cars and seek affordable options when scheduling maintenance services.
Initial Problem Statement
The mistreatment of cars and a lack of attention to maintenance can lead to serious air pollution, accidents, traffic jams, as well as impact mental health.
I assumed that there are needs to maintain their car health effectively, and drivers agree that they can prevent major auto issues or save money on car maintenance services by doing so.
Competitor Analysis
The platform offers strong auto company and DMV connectivity for recall checks, registration fee deadlines, and features like fuel tracking and the value of the user’s car with recommended services based on mileage.
Issues reported include a malfunctioning service locator, user concerns about potential data sale, and complaints of history loss due to verification errors.
The platform offers easy log sharing via various formats, a user-friendly display for multiple vehicles with customization options, and a straightforward interface.
The platform lacks options for image and video uploads, detailed car information, and faces difficulties with adding a third vehicle while also having an excess of advertisements.
Competitor Key findings
Competitor Focus:
  • Displaying maintenance service logs and history
  • Providing reminders
  • Offering customization options
  • Detailed maintenance and care information
Competitor’s User Satisfaction:
  • Satisfied with the concept
  • Ability to manage maintenance service history
  • Locating local auto repair shops via the mobile application
User Interview
I chose to engage with users have driver license directly, listening to their experiences and insights.
Quotations from the user interview.
"I've got mechanic experience, handle basic maintenance, never kept records but considering it now. Haven't faced major issues yet, but understand maintenance importance. Bought a used car online, confident I can fix it if needed, didn't check its history."
"I rely on my cousin's recommended mechanic for regular check-ups, maintaining physical records of invoices. While my car knowledge is limited, I'm open to learning more and considering electronic maintenance tracking."
"I prefer official Subaru dealerships for maintenance, prioritizing trust over price. Confident in our car's upkeep, we maintain electronic records and choose expertise for complex repairs."
User Interview & Survey Summary
They are aware of the importance of preventive maintenance
for their cars and want to find a reasonable price when they perform car maintenance.
According to a survey, people have been struggling to find reliable mechanics. Sometimes, they rely on their family members or friends due to trust issues.
Overall, they actively seek out solutions whenever they encounter auto issues if they have difficulty identifying the problem with mechanics.
I'd like to explore ways to assist drivers with busy schedules by providing reminders, as they may not be aware of when and what type of maintenance needs to be performed at specific mileage intervals.
I'd like to explore ways to assist drivers with low budgets who find it challenging to perform basic maintenance themselves. This is because they have difficulty trusting mechanics who may overcharge them without providing any evidence.
User flow
Brainstorming ideas straight from my noggin, inspired by the awesome insights I gathered from user interviews and research.
Information Architecture
Style Guide
inspired by
Final logo design
Despite the many needs expressed by drivers, I attempted to create an MVP version of the product. This led to the idea of guiding drivers through reminders, documenting the history of their car maintenance, and providing a feature for estimating quotations for maintenance services.
Final design
Post Launch
If I have more time...
One of the user's pain points was a lack of knowledge about car maintenance services. During the research, I developed the idea of an AI chatbot feature. This idea involves providing possible problems based on the symptoms that the user types into the AI chatbot.
If I had more time, I would like to develop the AI chatbot feature for the product. I believe that this feature would be helpful for users to identify their car problems and easily access the answers they may have regarding their cars.
What I learned
While working on this project, the most challenging aspect was understanding the service/product. There were numerous complex terms and logics related to car maintenance, making it difficult to design without a full understanding. However, my thorough research and insights always guided me to solve the problem.
Even though the product contains a lot of content, I was able to prioritize them as MVP through usability testing.
Furthermore, whenever I faced with UX design problems, I reached out to my other designers, mentors and friends who are developers and they gladly helped me to get closer to the solutions.