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UX / UI Designer | Graphic Designer
Sua[su;ah] Lee
I am a passionate UX/UI and Graphic designer dedicated to outcomes and precision.
I am specializing in UX/UI design with graphic design skills. I have always been interested in finding inspiration not only in the arts but also in the aesthetics of everything around me. Working as a graphic designer has allowed me to expand my skills in communication, collaboration, and persuasion. I am a goal-oriented and responsible person. I take pleasure in setting goals and making progress by developing the skills and solutions necessary to achieve those goals. This approach has helped me grow as a designer and enhance my skills.
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Transforming Joy
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Peet's Coffee lover
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Danielle LázaroSenior
UX Designer @ExxonMobil
Sua is a brilliant professional and human being. She is always eager to learn and improve her skills, and even delivering high standard results, she remains humble about it. I had the pleasure to watch part of her development as a UX Designer while mentoring her on Designlab, and I can confirm that she has hard and soft skills well developed and balanced, and her levels of problem solving, creativity and empathy are astonishing.
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