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How can we help stray or injured animals?
My Responsibility
I was responsible for leading the entire project in the role of a solo UX / UI designer with skills in research, interviewing, analyzing, creating user and task flows and architectural information, conducting usability testing, and applying feedback iteratively.
UX / UI Design, UX research, Design System
Figma, Maze, Optimal workshop, Adobe suites
Four weeks, 80 hours
Found a stray dog?
Consider its impact on society
Pets bring joy and pleasure to our lives; however, many of them are abandoned, with 50% of all cats and dogs being killed in the US. Among the states, the California has 39,111 killed (Link)
*The Zebra
Problem statement
By introducing an easy-to-access feature for reporting stray animals, we can increase the rate of reporting for both stray and injured animals.
How to make people take action to report when they see injured or abandoned animals.
How to add the simplified the reporting process.
What information the shelter needs to collect.
If the existing information is sufficient, how to enhance its delivery to the target audience.
Project Goal
By clarifying each goal, we can narrow down
what we will achieve from the research.
  • Increase participation in reporting injured or stray animals.
  • Increase the installation rate of the mobile application.
Technical consideration
  • To make the report system accessible, it has to be mobile application.
  • After the report is taken care of, the result should be notified to the reporter.
  • Offline Functionality
  • Real-time Communication
  • Use the prompt and easy-to-use method of reporting when encountering injured or stray animals.
  • Get useful and professional information about your pets.
  • To acquire knowledge on how to approach or report injured or stray animals when they come across such situations.
Let's listen to the stories of compassionate individuals who extended a helping hand to our furry friends
I am curious about...
  • how people report injured or stray animals
  • how people react when they encounter injured or stray animals
  • how the experience when they contacted to facilities
My assumption before
the interview
  • Making a phone call might be easier and quicker for reporting injured or stray animals.
  • People may not know how to report.
  • People may not know what to do when they encounter injured or stray animals.
57% responded that the process/experience of reporting the injured or stray animal was complicated and unsatisfactory.
User interview
At this point, I wanted to hear more stories from people who had experience in rescuing or helping injured or stray animals.
I gain valuable insights from...
Based on interview, there are priorities when the rescue center dispatches their rescue personnel. Because their resources are limited, they cannot rescue every animal that needs help.
People encountered
the animals
One group wants to report the situation to a rescue center to seek help for the animals, while the other group prefers to directly assist the animals themselves.
Pet owners
In addition, I was able to here from pet owners about their lives living with their pets. it was evident that people living with pets are struggling to find good resources and information on how to raise their pets well.
How might we...?
To increase the success rate of helping injured or stray animals and support rescue centers, how might we develop a community feature on the website to gather volunteers for helping the animals?
To have users to keep using the mobile application, how might we develop a feature of reviews so the pet owners can get information about veterinary clinics, pet stores and other industry related with animals?
To guide those who help animals in person safely, how might we provide manuals that include do's and don'ts related to approaching injured or stray animals?
UI Design
Rebranding of OC Animal Care
Design | Before
(Webiste: Currently they do not have mobile application)
Design | After
It was designed as a mobile application as new features were added.
Final Product
After applying feedback and suggestions,
the final result came out successfully.
01. Splash Screen
02. Report injuured or stray animals
03. Find a local animal clinic
Usability Testing
Rebranding of OC Animal Care
What we can achieve from this product
For this project, I initially aimed to establish a process for reporting stray or injured animals. Recognizing the convenience of a mobile app over a website, I revisited user interviews. Insights revealed a desire among pet owners to discover pet-related businesses aligned with their preferences.

This inspired the creation of an extra feature, intended to foster prolonged app usage. Ultimately, the project's objectives encompass boosting reporting rates for stray or injured animals and meeting users' needs in locating pet-related businesses. These goals will steer the utilization of the mobile application.
What I learned...
An insightful journey to take one step further
towards becoming a proficient UX designer.
What I learned from this project is the importance of usability testing. I initiated usability testing at an early stage and was able to gather insightful and honest opinions from users. I honed my usability testing skills using a new platform and realized the importance of providing accurate and clear guidelines for unmoderated usability testing.

The journey of designing this project was not linear; it led me to revisit previous processes. This approach helped establish a product with a strong user-centric foundation.