My experience as a graphic designer has been beneficial, allowing me to contribute my various skill sets.
  • Haircare (B2B)
  • Skincare (B2C)
  • E-commerce
  • Network Service
  • Real Estate
  • Art Directing
  • Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Package Design
  • Motion graphic
  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • 2 years
Joining and working as a part of Style Factor, the number one company in the hair care industry, was a wonderful experience for me. It allowed me to observe the products we created and designed spreading across beauty stores in the United States.
The company aimed to help customers choose hair products based on their hair type, preferences for product use, and styling.
Logo Motion graphic
I crafted a dynamic logo motion graphic showcased at a prestigious hair show, featuring live demonstrations by hair stylists unveiling the latest trends and the company's presentation. The design centered around the company's core values of simplicity and approachability. Infusing a touch of playfulness, I aimed to captivate customers' attention amidst a sea of competitors during beauty shows.
When the new products were launched, I was captivated by their beautiful colors and textures, perfectly tailored to customers' individual hair type preferences. This led me to empathize with users and brainstorm creative ways to showcase the product to the world. Creating banners after personally experiencing the products added a delightful and enjoyable dimension to the entire process.
SNS Posting Design
Empathizing with products was crucial not only for connecting with users but also instrumental in expanding ideas for creating engaging social media posts. This approach proved successful, as the company garnered over 10,000 followers within just four months of launching its Instagram account.
All the postings I designed utilized my photography skills, and this project expanded my skill set beyond photography to include typography, layout, and color theory. It brought me joy to witness the reactions and expressions of followers on the account.

Additionally, the company opted to publish advertisements in Vogue and ELLE magazines, and I had the opportunity to design these as well. It was a fantastic experience to see my designs featured in such renowned magazines

After conducting research, we discovered that our customers were encountering our marketing materials both in stores and on the street. As a result, we decided to create eye-catching poster designs and other marketing materials, such as shelf talkers, specifically tailored for our stores.
Advertisement Design
in Vogue and ELLE, March 2022.
The company strategically chose the product of the season and the color of the year for its promotional campaign. The design incorporated robust typography and enhanced visibility. It received recognition for its effectiveness in advertising, standing out among other campaigns crowded with numerous elements and extensive copywriting.
I took on the responsibility of liaising with printing shops, leveraging my extensive knowledge of publications, colors, and printing technology. This experience provided a valuable opportunity for me to enhance my skills as a designer with a focus on effective communication.
The posters were successfully published, conveying textures and eye-catching designs with a strong focal point, emphasizing texture, colors, and typography.
As the company launched its new official Instagram account, we decided to send gifts and an announcement card for the account. I was responsible for designing it, and the photo I took was used in the design.
The company launched a new brand and chose to participate in a beauty show in Las Vegas, NV, aiming to promote the brand and conduct market research.

My role involved overseeing the entire booth design and actively participating in the shows, providing art direction, and adding the final touches to the booth.
Art Direction
The company participated in a beauty show in Las Vegas and set up a booth to meet new clients and promote the company's new brand. I attended the show to provide artistic direction for the booth setup.
The product Spider Grip was a new project for which I led the entire design process. I explored numerous design drafts, aiming to incorporate its unique characteristics into the design elements.
One challenge arose during the package design phase: the container was white, making it somewhat challenging to create a strong and powerful look, which are distinctive features of this product.
In the end, our team came up with the idea of using shapes to express its hair fixation strength and successfully launched the product across the country.
I consistently curated compelling commercial photos and developed a comprehensive design system for the company. This experience not only enhanced my skills in utilizing lighting, scene decoration, and layouts but also contributed to the overall visual excellence of our projects.
When I was a Junior graphic designer...
I worked for DBH, a cosmetics company. During my time there, I was responsible for creating banners used in various events, promotions, email campaigns and videography.
After collaborating with the sales and marketing teams to explore strategies for boosting sales, we identified a demand for knowledge on proper skincare application. To address this, we initiated the production of a 'Skincare 101' video, aiming to enhance both sales and customer education. As a result, we observed an impressive 80% increase in sales profit for the quarter.
Behind the scenes of the filming
SNS reaction by influencers
Influencers received a gift box with the card I designed and shared their reactions on social media.
Marketing Material
The company engaged in collaborative efforts with influencers, providing them with newly launched products for promotional activities. I recommended coral as the main color for the product, symbolizing vibrancy and replenishment. Additionally, I designed a greeting card that included essential information about the product.
More graphic design works